Global Jeep - Innovation Planning Manager

Auburn Hills, Michigan

This job has expired.

As the Innovation Planning Manager for the Jeep Brand, you will hold a pivotal role in charting the course for the future of our iconic Jeep vehicles. Your primary responsibility will be to orchestrate the identification and integration of groundbreaking technologies and features, thereby enhancing the unique adventure lifestyle that defines Jeep. Simultaneously, you will be entrusted with safeguarding the brand's distinct identity, ensuring it remains uncompromised amidst the winds of change and competitive pressures. This position is instrumental in elevating the customer experience and ensuring we maintain our legacy and industry-leading position.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Technology Integration: Collaborate extensively with internal teams and technology developers to discern, evaluate, and seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies into the future Jeep vehicle plans. You will partner with our advanced technology startup team in determining the most promising innovations, determine opportunities, and create initial business plans.
  2. Off-Road Innovation: Develop a profound understanding of the intricate off-road requirements and challenges inherent to Jeep vehicles. Leverage this knowledge to drive innovative concepts that elevate off-road performance, safety, and experience. Your insights will serve as the bedrock for transformative change for the future of the Jeep brand.
  3. Next-Level User Experience (UX): Define and shape the next-level user experience for Jeep vehicles and Jeep technology. Explore innovative ways to delight and engage customers through intuitive interfaces, seamless connectivity, and personalized experiences.
  4. Market Analysis: Be the guiding compass that steers us through the shifting landscapes of industry trends, competitor offerings, and emerging technologies. Collaborate closely with our advanced technology team to identify and embrace technologies that will shape the future of Jeep.
  5. Brand Protection: Safeguard the heart and soul of the Jeep Brand. It is your responsibility to ensure that all innovations harmonize with the core values and identity of the brand. Work diligently to develop strategies that both protect and enhance these unique facets, drawing upon the support and expertise of our technology partners.
  6. Portfolio Lifecycle Planning: Develop technology / innovation deployment plans across the entire Jeep brand that are aligned to each unique vehicle vision and customer and create a cohesive approach for the brand. Author technology reports that provide senior management with clear insights into the emerging technologies and strategic implementation plans.

If you are a passionate advocate for the Jeep Brand, have an unwavering love for off-roading, and a genuine enthusiasm for emerging technology, we invite you to seize this exciting opportunity. Together, we will continue to drive the future of Jeep by harnessing groundbreaking technologies while preserving the unique brand identity that defines us. Join us in shaping the next chapter of automotive history.

This job has expired.

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